Icasfestival 2015 art by VOJD
The Event
From 27 April to 3 May 2015, Dresden will become a hotspot for advanced music and related arts as the ICAS – International Cities of Advanced Sound network reunites more than 20 music and media art festivals into a Festival of Festivals.

Installations and sound excursions throughout the Garden City of Hellerau, intense film experiments, public forums, lab format, as well as audio-visual performances and clubbing will transform Dresden into a bustling networking platform. A meeting ground and showcases for international artists and professionals dedicated to music, sound art, and adventurous creativity. Are you interested in helping us organising the ICAS Festival?
A heartly Thank You goes out to the numerous ICAS Festival Volunteers and helping hands: Anja Richter, Antonello Bellini, Cristina Miron, Dennis Mertsch, Elysabeth Yven, Felix Wagner, Gabriela Procházková, Julien Kendrick, Kathrin Sterner, Laura Majdi, Maria Kunath, Maria Prosvirnikova, Marit Brademann, Markus Getzlaff, Martin Ott, Nguyen Minh Duc, Oliver Hartmann, Sanket Zarkar, Tabea Briggs, Tobias Hensel, Yannick Perrin.
Volunteering at ICAS festival is a fantastic opportunity to gain knowledge and develop skills in the community arts sector. You will work backstage, get in contact with international artists and professionals, meet lots of interesting people and most importantly have a good time! In exchange for your help, you will receive a free ICAS festival pass. We are looking for volunteers to support us before and during the festival. There are various fields and many ways in which you can contribute to make the festival a great experience for everyone !
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* Assistant (ECAS Show Room, Workshop, Hacklab etc.)
* Infocounter
* Artist Liaison/ Assistant
* Set-up/ Maintenance/ Dismantling
* Photographer/ Videographer
* Catering/ Guest Service
* Driver
* Promotion/ Flyer Distribution
* Exhibition Supervision
* Entrance/ Ticket Control
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