Icasfestival 2015 art by VOJD
DAVE-Cluster: 8x8 & Afterparty
DAVE-Cluster 8x8 Presentations
20:00 – 3:00 // Altes Wettbüro
Presentations by Nathan Budzinski CA (ECAS Documentary filmmaker), Martin Craciun UY (SOCO Festival), Oliver Baurhenn DE (CTM Festival), Neja Tomsic SI (MoTa), Gosia Plysa PL (Unsound), Leslie Garcia MX (Interspecifics Collective), Chico Dub BR (Novas Frequências), Susanna Niedermayr AT (musikprotokoll)

22:00 Cuthead DE LIVE
23:00 Mr. Incognito DE LIVE
24:00 Le Petit Garçon DJ set NO
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About 8x8
Eight figures from the international music industry introduce themselves, each within eight minutes. In these short presentations, the professionals tell the story of how they came to work in music — why they chose to start a label, organize concerts, or convert a hobby into a career — and of the highs and lows they encountered along the way. Each of the podium participants represents a different sector of the music industry. Among them are artists, journalists, label owners, radio hosts, bookers, and festival organisers. Collectively they represent the music industry value chain that the evening adopts as its primary subject. At the afterparty in the Alten Wettbüro, the public will have the opportunity to network one-on-one with the participants.
Tools for the Future
20:00 - 23:30 // Festspielhaus Hellerau

20:30 Lief Hall CA/DE
21:30 Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves
           & Étienne Jaumet – “Satori”
22:30 Lorenzo Senni IT

room 2
21:30 Pasajera Oscura AT
22:30 Bocca al Lupo INT

Tickets: 14.40 € Buy at Reservix
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About the concert night
This concert will be inaugurated with a performance by Lief Hall, creative brain from west coast Canada. Following an extended period as screamer for the Vancouver noise-punk outfit Mutators, Hall’s electronic duo MYTHS toured with Grimes. Her eventual relocation to Berlin brought with it a process of re-identification as a solo performer. As such Hall is most interested in use of the human voice as spiritually expressive instrument, and of electronics as the post-human, other-worldly setting for that essential, primitive communication. An hour later, “Satori,” a collaboration between Étienne Jaumet and Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves, will experiment with methods of disturbing the audience’s perception of reality.
Lights and lasers produced by d’Estienne d’Orves compose a virtual, visual architecture in space, and Jaumet’s analogue synthesizer musings accompany the constant modification of this architecture. After that, trance scholar Lorenzo Senni will present his specialty: the examination and deconstruction of the rhetoric of euphoria from 1990’s rave music.

A simultaneous concert in the Festspielhaus’s Oberlichtsaal will open with a set by Pasajera Oscura, a collaboration between two prominent names in the Vienna electronic music scene. Christina Nemec, aka Chra, whose upcoming LP Empty Airport will be released by Editions Mego, moulds sine waves into rhythmic impulses using both analogue and digital tools.
The artist known as Irradiation, also Vienna-based, plunges thumping beats into sinister, rich atmospheres. Many of her live shows incorporate visual art and cooperations with other musicians. Pasajera Oscura combines Chra and Irradiation's individual strengths for a murky, nuanced ride. Following this duo, Kathy Alberici aka Bocca al Lupo, a classically-trained, violin and synthesizer- wielding musician will present her analogue mixture of aimless string descants and sparse, meditative synth drones, together with Federico Nitti.
Lorenzo Senni, Pasajera Oscura, Bocca al Lupo, as well as the collaboration between Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves and Etienne Jaumet, are supported by the SHAPE platform which is supported by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme.
00:00 - 05:00 // LAB 15

00:00 12z HU
01:00 Sonic Robots – Mad Science, Bass & Robots! DE
02:00 N1L (Mãrtiņš Roķis) LV
03:00 Low Jack FR
04:00 RSS B0YS PL

Room 2 - Basement
00:00 QRG BR
01:00 Cooptrol UY
01:30 Borusiade RO
02:30 Jesse Osborne-Lanthier CA/DE
03:30 Shaddah Tuum INT

Tickets: 8 € : Buy at Eventbrite
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About this Club Night
ICAS is happy to commence the evening with a performance by 12z, a collective from Budapest devoted to using free electroacoustic improvisation to construct soundtracks and sonic landscapes. Bálint Szabó (guitar) and Márton Kristóf (electronics) often alternate jagged rhythmic passages with plateaus of harmonic tension, but always, as they describe it, "chisel structure out of chaos." A performance coordinated by Moritz Simon Geist, the brains behind the midi-controlled percussion ensemble Sonic Robots follows. Geist’s idiosyncratic, creative approach to the construction of autonomous sonic structures, a process he refers to as "musical hacking," "...is our form of anti-passiveness, through which we think the individual can have an impact on his or her environment, status and state of mind.”
Next up will be Mãrtiņš Roķis’s project N1L. Normally focused on creating installations, live performances, and works for multichannel systems, Roķis uses N1L as an outlet for a less formal and intellectual approach to music. The result is pulsating, textural soundscapes infused with equal parts nostalgia and futurism. After that, French producer Philippe Hallais aka Low Jack will shake things up with his “house music from hell,” which replaces the genre’s typical rainbow sensuality with fifty shades of industrial grey. Poland’s RSS B0ys will bring the evening to a close. The collaboration between these two anonymous, veil-sporting Polish musicians was first ignited by a meeting in Benin, West Africa and inspired by the transformative potential of the drum circle. The project celebrates the archaic roots of techno through the exploration of tribal musical traditions at once intricate and gut-level, provocative and hypnotizing.
In LAB 15’s basement room, QRG, a Brazilian-born, New York City- educated analogue-head will wreak havoc with massive sounds, glitch, and processing errors. Cooptrol is a drummer-turned producer whose output might be seen as an experiment in shape shifting; a self-proclaimed “electronic music purist,” Hernan Gonzales’s various albums have tipped their hats to genres from dubstep to postindustrial to techno without fusing them. His special attention to polyrhythm and syncopation acts a unifying thread. After that, the Romanian, Berlin-based DJ Borusiade will play a trademark selection of dark, melodic, brooding, and poignant tracks. Her sets typically combine both bold and subtle shout-outs to disco, minimal wave, raw house, and acid.
Following Borusiade is Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, a Montreal-born, Berlin-based conceptual electronic musician and visual artist focused on inciting alternative cognitive responses via mixed sonic material. His work, in its range from dub-influenced techno to static waves of noise, is always textural and resists references to simplified, predictable formats. About all of his work Osborne-Lanthier writes, "instead of using a platform or mold of dance music in order to make people move, I might use it to prompt a certain feeling, state, understanding, or aesthetic. I aim to use the tools which are available to me through contemporary music in order to reach a different and individualized end." Finally, fellow Berliners Brandon Rosenbluth and Nicolas Lefort will appear as Shaddah Tuum.
The duo employs avant-garde compositional techniques such as serialism, microtonality, sample-based production, synthetic vocal manipulation, spring reverb, and feedback loops generated by sound sources like guitar, percussion, voice, and field recordings and then processed through a complex array of digital effects and generative modules to create gasping, charry techno hybrids. On stage, they aim to integrate physicality and abstract sound while leaving space for the channeling of volatile creative impulses.

12z, N1L, Borusiade, Low Jack, and RSS B0YS are supported by the SHAPE platform which is supported by the EU programme Creative Europe. Jesse Osborne-Lanthier & Shaddah Tuum appear thanks to Berlin Current, with the help of Musicboard Berlin.
Networking the Art
20:00 - 01:00 // Festspielhaus Hellerau
- 10/12 €

20:00 Stanislav Abrahám –
            – “Shapescapes and Spectral Scenery” CZ
21:00 Matthijs Munnik & Joris Strijbos – “U-AV” NL
21:30 Assimilation Process DE
22:15 Bruma FR
23:00 Gábor Lázár HU
24:00 Grey Branches (Yves de Mey) BE
Tickets: 14.40 € Buy at Reservix
The evening’s artists are all supported by the SHAPE platform which is supported by the EU programme Creative Europe.
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About the concert night
The Prague-based Stanislav Abrahám, an audiovisual installation artist and sound designer, will warm up the night with his performance “Shapescapes and Spectral Scenery.” Abrahám’s performances incorporate commentary on or investigation of telecommunications and the phenomenon of disembodied voice. “U-AV” is a synaesthetic landscape that will take the stage next. The immersive environment combines noisy, full-spectrum electronic sound structures, generative video, and stroboscopic light, which affects the creation, in the eye, of hallucinatory visual patterns. Next, Dresden’s Stefan Senf, the man behind Assimilation Process, will present his massive, off-kilter, sinister, and often palpitating soundscapes. These rich, dynamic acoustic environments combine digitally processed sounds, field recordings, and other analogue input.
Next up is the Frenchman Bruma, whose autodidacticism and ensuing development of singular computer compositional tools have allowed him to create a complex, idiosyncratic electroacoustic ecosystem. His music is characterised by an abstract, ... ... delicate style that straddles science and poetry, micro-dub and post-industrial haze. Gábor Lázár’s music, a parade of chunky, aggressive iceberg structures, gives voice to algorithms. His mathy, brain-freezing electronic formations will traverse the driest territories of the evening. Grey Branches is the newest moniker of the widely praised, adaptable producer Yves de Mey, whose career over the course of various musical identities has ventured into drum’n’bass, breakbeat, and experimental techno. With Grey Branches , De Mey claims the noisier, rougher, broad-brush-stroked corners of techno.

DAVE & ICAS pres. : Donnerst.org
18:00 // Altes Wettbüro

In talk (German Language): Bianca Ludewig (music journalist), Christina Nemec (musician), Antje Meichsner (free radio editor), Oliver Hartmann (musician & label head), Sebastian Drichelt (musician)

Followed by Shannon Soundquist DE Sound Art Live Set; conceptual DJing with Jukebox Utopia & Shannon Soundquist ; Ulrich Troyer DE(Songs For William Live Dub Set)
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Advanced Sounds
21:00 - 1:00 // Festspielhaus Hellerau

21:00 Mørk NO
22:00 Lumisokea BE/IT
23:00 Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves
           & Étienne Jaumet – “Satori”
24:00 Evian Christ live UK

HUMATIC – “MNM Stage Version DE/JP

Tickets: 14.40 € Buy at Reservix
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About the Concert Night
Norwegian composer and pianist Mørk (or “dark”) will open the evening with cinematic, noisy, post-rock narratives performed primarily on a mechanical piano. Lumisokea, a joint project between Belgian Koenraad Ecker and Italian Andrea Taeggi, combines acoustic instruments with analogue hardware to craft nuanced, grayscale environments. An hour later, “Satori,” a collaboration between Étienne Jaumet and Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves, will experiment with methods of disturbing the audience’s perception of reality. Lights and lasers produced by d’Estienne d’Orves compose a virtual, visual architecture in space, and Jaumet’s analogue synthesizer musings accompany the constant modification of this architecture.
Young British Tri Angle-signed producer Evian Christ is internationally lauded both for his independent work and for his collaboration with Kanye West. Joshua Leary’s sweeping sonic statements provide drenched, epic backing tracks for the proverbial MC or hold their own as poster children for the adventurous new melding of hip hop, hardstyle, trap, and R&B influences.
Meanwhile in the Oberlichtsaal, MNM, a triple-channel audiovisual system designed as part of HUMATIC aka Christian Graupner’s H.RP (Humatic Re-Performing) series, will be presented in its stage version. The system’s body is a stack of speakers and buttons, and its golden arms are a shoutout to the traditional Japanese mojo figure, Maneki Neko. In this live version, the operator controls sounds and visuals on a triptych screen by becoming physically involved with the media catapult, and synchronizes vinyl records and digital music devices to the activity on the screen. The audience follows the 'humatic' recreation of a unique, post-techno soundtrack. The performance features sound artist and DJ Mieko Suzuki and movement performer Ming Poon.

Mørk, Random Logic, the collaboration between Mattijs Munnik and Joris Strijbos and the collaboration between Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves and Etienne Jaumet, are supported by the SHAPE platform, a new project borne within the ICAS network and supported by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme, that aims to increase exposure for 144 emerging European artists over 3 years. Lumisokea appear thanks to Berlin Current, a CTM-led initiative that aims to identify and support emerging sounds from the city, with the help of Musicboard Berlin.
23:00 - 7:00 // LAB 15
in Cooperation with TOLERADE
8€ /TOLERADE Visitors: 4€

23:00 Charlotte Bendiks DJ NO Part 1
00:30 Grey Branches (Yves de Mey) BE
01:15 Random Logic live & visualsSI
02:15 DJ Nigga Fox PT
03:45 Lotic US/DE
04:45 Charlotte Bendiks DJ NO Part 2

Tickets: 8 € : Eventbrite
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Opened by DJ and producer Charlotte Bendiks, a native of Tromsø, Norway. Bendiks’s sets exhibit primarily classic house but also incorporate disco, African groove, and Latin. Next, Lisbon’s dance music trailblazer DJ Nigga Fox will do his part to pulverize a surely already bumping dance floor. Rogério Brandão’s one-of-a-kind collection of bangers have the absorption of multifarious influences such as kuduro, afro-house, Angolan deep, tarraxinha, batida to thank, but most of all couldn’t exist without Brandão’s initial, highly creative impulse to meld all of these. Final set at LAB 15 will be by Lotic. He is J’Kerian Morgan of Houston, Texas. His regular sets at Berlin’s hyped Janus club night gained attention for their critical, delirious mash-ups of pop culture references.
Random Logic, a duo formed in the nineties by Slovenians Miha Klemenčič and Gregor Zemljič and recognised since then as one of the strongest electronic music acts in Eastern Europe, uses algorithms and mathematical theory to buttress the production of catchy, whirling, echo-drenched textures. Their first album in over a decade, π, was released in 2014.
15:00 – 16:00 // Hellerau Garden City
with Environmental Auditors INT

In 2013 the Environmental Auditors gave rise to an active exchange between the Austrian and Norwegian improvisation scenes. This collaboration is still nourished via a cooperation between the ORF Musikprotokoll im Steirischen Herbst and Norway’s Insomnia Festival. Eight environmental auditors from Austria and Norway recommend that the visitors listen especially carefully when the orchestral instruments overlap and interact with environmental sounds, thereby significantly enhancing the auditive experience.
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18:00 – 20:00 // Festspielhaus Hellerau // 5€ / 3€
18:00 Energy Bending Lab live Interspecifics Collective
18:30 MusicMakers Hacklab Finale

Hacklab participants present the results of their week of collaboration and experimentation in short performances and presentations. Hosted by the Interspecifics Collective, which will also perform the Energy Bending Lab, a modular instrument that amplifies the microvoltage produced by microorganisms and transduces their oscillatory features into raw electronic signals that produce an unexpected array of sound patterns.

Visit the HackLab sub page
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