Icasfestival 2015 art by VOJD
* supported by SHAPE - Sound Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe platform, which is made possible by funding from the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

** supported by Berlin Current, a CTM Festival-led initiative funded by the Musicboard Berlin, which aims to identify and support emerging sounds from the city.
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Confirmed Acts
Evian Christ live UK / Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves & Etienne Jaumet – »Satori« FR / Low Jack FR / Lorenzo Senni IT / Bocca al Lupo (Kathy Alberici with Federico Nitti) INT / Gábor Lázár HU / Lumisokea BE/IT / Borusiade RO / RSS B0YS PL / N1L (Mãrtiņš Roķis) LV / Charlotte Bendiks NO / Le Petit Garçon NO / 12z HU / Pasajera Oscura AT / Bruma FR / Assimilation Process DE / Cooptrol UY / Mørk NO / HUMATIC – »MNM Stage Version« ft. Mieko Suzuki DE/JP / Alexander Dorn – »Phantasialand« DE / Random Logic SI / Shaddah Tuum INT / Lief Hall CA/DE / Jesse Osborne-Lanthier CA/DE / Lotic US / Stanislav Abraham CZ – »Shapescapes and Spectral Scenery« / Sonic Robots DE – Mad Science, Bass & Robots! / QRG BR / Matthijs Munnik & Joris Strojbox NL / Heimo Lattner & Judith Laub AT
12z (HU)
12z is a collective building musical structures through electroacoustic improvisation. Bálint Szabó and Márton Kristóf have produced a significant number of film scores, studio recordings, and a large archive of weekly improvised jams, the 12z [sessionz]. Live, with Bálint on guitar, Márton on electronics, and guest member Áron Porteleki often joining on drums, they fluctuate between jagged rhythmic passages and floating moments of harmonic tension, chiselling structure from the chaos. Their 2015 album, Free Fall Inspirations, released on Nicolas Jaar’s Other People label, marks another direction in 12z's work, being their first entirely electronic recording. Sparked by György Pálfi’s film, “Free Fall”, for which it was recorded as a potential score, it stands strong on its own, conjuring unique strange images.

onetwozed.com | Video on Youtube Video on Youtube
Alberto de Campo (DE)
Alberto de Campo, one of the Hacklab collaborators, studied classical composition with Andrej Dobrowolski, Georg Haas, and Beat Furrer, jazz guitar with Adelhard Roidinger and Peter O'Mara, and electronic music with Curtis Roads and Stephen Travis Pope. He was a visiting scholar and research director at CREATE (UC Santa Barbara) before taking up teaching positions at IEM Graz, the Kunsthochschule für Medien in Cologne and the Technische Universität Berlin. From 2005-2007 de Campo led the research team of the self-initiated project SonEnvir at IEM Graz, which was designed to study the applicability of data sonification in different scientific disciplines and contexts. In 2009 he became a Professor for Generative Art and Computational Art at the Institute für zeitbasierte Medien at the Universität der Künste Berlin.

albertodecampo.net | Twitter
Alexander Dorn (DE)
Alexander Dorn was born in Plauen in 1981. He studied art at the HFBK Dresden and took master classes with Martin Honert. He lives in Dresden, home of the Uncanny Valley label through which he also releases music, and whose logo he also designed. Influenced by all sorts of electronic sounds, he makes music under the Credit 00 moniker. He will present the Phantasialand installation and happening at the ICAS Festival at LAB 15 on May 1st.

www.alexander-dorn.de | @Resident Advisor | @Soundcloud

Alien Productions (AT)
Alien Productions is Andrea Sodomka, Martin Breindl, Norbert Math, and August Black. The project was founded in 1997 as an interface for the development of the theory and practice of new technologies and media. The collective produces multimedia performances and installations, web art, radio art, sound art, interactive art, video, visual art, photography, and electronic music. Alien Productions often collaborates with other artists, technicians, theorists, and scientists. It is less a gathering of artists and more an open network of creative power in which different specialists exchange perspectives and work in an interdisciplinary fashion.

Assimilation Process (DE)
Stefan Senf (aka Noize Creator) of Dresden will present his project Assimilation Process. A mover and shaker in the Dresden electronic music scene since the early nineties, Senf is behind the label Suburban Trash and responsible for organising countless shows in the city. As Assimilation Process, he combines digitally processed sounds, field recordings, and other analogue sound input. The results are futuristic, massive, off-kilter, and often sinister soundscapes that nod, now and then, to the desires of the dance floor.

Bio | @Soundcloud

Bocca al Lupo (INT)
Kathy Alberici with Federico Nitti
Kathy Alberici is a multi-instrumentalist and performer best known for her role in psychedelic doom group, Drum Eyes. Following intensive classical violin training throughout her childhood, Kathy launched into a chaotic journey through jazz and noise music that led her to the experimental underbelly of Brighton, UK, and more recently, Berlin. In addition to an active performance schedule in Berlin and Europe, Alberici has released music independently as Bocca al Lupo and in collaboration with musicians such as Jan St Werner (of Mouse on Mars) and Federico Ritti. Her solo work as Bocca al Lupo yields evocative “sonic portraits” which are 100% analogue and intertwine hallucinatory string and synth shivers and loops around grainy, industrial skeletons. She is also pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology for Musicians.

@Soundcloud | @Disk Agency
Borusiade (RO)
Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania and now residing in Berlin, Miruna Boruzescu aka Borusiade started DJing in 2002 as one of the only female DJs in the city's emerging alternative clubbing scene. Influenced by an education in classical music and fascinated by raw electronic sounds, Borusiade combined these elements in the construction of her DJ sets and started producing her own music in 2005. After experimenting with different approaches, Borusiade slowly crystallised a sound of her own. Her music is dark, melodic, obsessive, and frequented by poignant bass lines. Her gloomy, powerful DJ sets combine bold and obscure sounds and genres fluctuating between dark disco, minimal wave, raw house, and acid.

@Soundcloud | @Facebook | @Berlin Community Radio

Bruma (FR)
France's Bruma creates micro-modulations of pure tonalities and sculptures of full spectral signal density. His music merges micro-dub, post-industrial fog, and an intimate, meditative atmosphere. His decision to replace an academic or institutional approach to music with an autodidactic one led both to the development of a singular understanding of repetition and variation and to the creation of his own computer-based compositional tool. This tool has allowed him to create a complex, idiosyncratic electroacoustic ecosystem characterized by an abstract style that flirts between science and poetry. Bruma’s recent 4-track album Architect Method was released by Le Cabanon Records.

www.lecabanonrecords.com | @Bandcamp | @Facebook @Soundcloud

Charlotte Bendiks (NO)
Charlotte Bendiks grew up in Tromsø, the techno capital of Norway, and became interested in electronic music at a young age. She started DJing in her early twenties. Her sets exhibit mainly classic house but also include disco, African groove, and Latin. Her performances, which often incorporate live vocals and percussion, are renowned for inspiring pulsating, euphoric, sweaty dance floors. From 2007-2009, Charlotte organized the underground house party “Moist,” which combined music with video and light installations. She also produces her own dark, sensual house music and has collaborated with Lena Willikens, Coma, and Daniel Maloso. Her first solo release, the Afterhours EP, was published in January 2013 by LOVE OD Communications. When she is not playing, working or crate-digging, the DJ´s favourite activity is chilling naked in a jacuzzi with a glass of Möet in each hand.

@Soundcloud | @Twitter | @Beatport
Cooptrol (UY)
Hernan Gonzalez aka Cooptrol was born in Johannesburg in 1976 and lives in Montevideo, Uruguay. Cooptrol took form in 2000 and since has found its home in and between dub, post-industrial, IDM, techno, and dubstep. Gonzales is particularly well known in South America but since his European debut in 2007 has also made a name for himself abroad. His first album, Detractors, was released in 2004, followed by Ubiquity in 2005 and Avatar in 2007. 2010’s EP The End bridged bass music and abstraction, and 2011’s DANX synthesized all of the elements that had graced his music up until that point. Gonzales, a trained drummer, gives syncopation and polyrhythm particularly strong voices and combines this focus with an honoring of synth sounds.

@Bandcamp | @Soundcloud | @Resident Advisor
Cuthead (DE)
Cuthead’s trajectory as a DJ and producer has seen a progression in his identity from hip hop devotee to wonky, dubstep, techno, house, and IDM producer back to hip hop and house specialist. The Dresden resident was long associated with the crew Kunst:stoff Breakz, a collective of hip hop lovers known for their wild parties and altercations with local law enforcement. For a while following his participation in the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona in 2008, Cuthead's music distanced itself from hip hop and adopted a sleeker sound and faster beats. The download-only albums Murdoc and City Slicker reflected a penchant for everything from dub to techno to IDM, and the Uncanny Valley release Brother EP features a return to hip hop and a reaffirmed celebration of house. Almost all of Cuthead's records since then attest, more than anything else, to the producer's lasting love for these two genres.

@ Uncanny Valley | at Soundcloud | @ Resident Advisor

DJ Nigga Fox (PT)
As DJ Nigga Fox, Lisbon's Rogério Brandão has, in the last several years, produced a one-of-a-kind collection of bangers that have the absorption of multifarious influences such as kuduro, afro-house, Angolan deep, tarraxinha, batida to thank. Still in his early twenties, Brandão has released two 12"s for the Príncipe label: O Meo Estilo (2013) and Noite E Dia (March 2015) and has been earmarked by Boomkat as "pushing the most exciting dance sound in the world right now."

@ Bandcamp | @ Soundcloud

Environmental Auditors (INT)
Premiered in 2013 as a commission within the ECAS project, Environmental Auditors gave rise to an active exchange between the Austrian and Norwegian improvisation scene. This collaboration continues to be nourished by the cooperation between Austria’s ORF musikprotokoll im Steirischen Herbst and Norway’s Insomnia festivals. Eight Environmental Auditors from Austria and Norway invited visitors to listen very carefully when their instruments join in the orchestra of ambient environmental sounds, improvising freely and focusing on the current auditory experience.

Daniel Lercher – Electronics Agnes Hvizdalek – Voice Danielle Dahl – Saxophone Rosi Rehformen – Cello Rudolf Terland Bjørnerem – Guitar Vinzenz Schwab – Electronics Simon Daniel Tegnander – Objects Susanna Niedermayr & Christian Hollingsæter – Idea and Concept

Evian Christ (UK)
22-year old Joshua Leary aka Evian Christ started making music with a basic MPC at the age of 19 in his hometown of Ellesmere Port in the north of England. He was first put on the hip hop and dubstep map following the release of several YouTube videos boasting solitary, idiosyncratic R&B. In 2012 Leary was picked up by TriAngle Records, shortly after which he released his immensely successful free mixtape Kings and Them. His subsequent releases, Duga-3, a mix for Dummy Magazine inspired by recordings of the Soviet signal transmitter of the same name, and the LP Waterfall, came out via Tri Angle in 2013 and 2014, respectively. He has become even more of a household name in the international electronic music world in the aftermath of his contribution to Kanye West’s 2013 album Jeezus. Leary is studying to be a teacher at the Edge Hill University in Northwest England.

@Soundcloud | @Facebook | @Resident Advisor
Félicie d'Estienne d'Orves
& Etienne Jaumet (FR)
Félicie d'Estienne d'Orves is a French artist working primarily in set design, sculpture, and new technology. She studied multimedia and interactivity at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and founded In-visible, a multimedia design studio and collective, in 2004. d'Estienne d'Orves’s installations project colourful lights and video onto sculptures. Her art creates experiences in which the real and the virtual merge into a single, multi-dimensional medium.

feliciedestiennedorves.com | @metaproject | Video

Etienne Jaumet's multi-instrumentalism commenced with his study, in conservatory, of saxophone. After graduating he began to turn increasingly to keyboards and synthesizers for the electro and pop compilations he made previous to his involvement in the Belgian group The Married Monk. As a member of Zombie Zombie, he plays analog synthesizers and theremin alongside Cosmic Herman to create krautrock-dipped electro disco. The duo released the albums A Land for Renegades (2008), Rituels d’un nouveau monde (2012), and Loubia Hamra (2014) through Versatile Records. Jaumet’s solo work under his own name reflects a wide musical palette ranging from film scores to free jazz. His solo output consists of Entropy (2009; remixed by Carl Craig), Night Music (2009), Satori (2011), Vents Solaires (2013), and, most recently, La Visite.

@Resident Advisor | @Soundcloud | Youtube Video
Gábor Lázár (HU)
Gábor Lázár is a sound artist living and working in Budapest. He studied electronic music and media arts at the University of Pécs. Gábor’s works are real time recordings of specific combinations of synthesis and other compositional techniques. His early works were released as a split tape with Russell Haswell in 2013, and his first album, ILS, was released on Lorenzo Senni’s imprint Presto!?. A commission by Boomkat’s label, The Death Of Rave, resulted in EP16 in late 2014. His most recent release is a 2015 collaboration with Mark Fell, also for The Death of Rave. Lázár has presented works at ZKM – Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe and recently completed a one-week residency at the Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm. He also played at Berghain during CTM’s 16th edition.

www.gaborlazar.com/ | @Soundcloud | @Facebook

Grey Branches (BE)
Yves De Mey, the Belgian sound designer and artist behind the moniker Grey Branches, has released a good deal of output under his own name as well as under the Eavesdropper moniker and together with Peter Van Hoesen as Sendai. These various musical identities have seen releases on Opal Tapes, Semantica, and Modal Analysis, and his first release as Grey Branches, Lower Bounds, was put out on Tom Diccico’s Inner Surface Music in December. With this newest project, Grey Branches, De Mey ventures into the noisier, rougher, broad-brush-stroked corners of techno.

@ Resident Advisor | www.knobsounds.com | https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yves-De-Mey-artist-page/193870434015574">@ Facebook

Heimo Lattner & Judith Laub (AT/DE)
Heimo Lattner, one of the forces behind the multifaceted project, The Silbadores, is a Berlin-based visual and sound artist exploring locality and social identity through films, radio plays, installations, and texts. He studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna and the Whitney Program, NY, and has been exhibited worldwide. Born in Eisenstadt, Austria, Lattner studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna in the early ‘90s. He later completed a yearlong programme at the Whitney Museum in New York. He has presented exhibitions, projects, and performances at ICA London, PS1/MoMA NY, The Kitchen NY, and deaf03 Rotterdam among others. His radio works have been broadcasted by stations including wkcr, wfmu, Tilos Radio (Budapest), Radio Nova (Paris), Kunstradio, and Radio Orange (Vienna).

Heimo Lattner @ Adozen.org

Judith Laub, the Silbadores project’s second brainchild. A cultural and political scientist, she lives in Berlin. Her research and work focuses on questions of identity formation in the course of transnational transformation processes. Past projects include: Europa kommt ins Spiel, Europäisches Informationszentrum, Berlin; Rencontres Kirghizstan, Kino La Clef – Image d’ailleurs und Colisee, Paris, and Analyse und Aufbereitung aktueller Entwicklungen in Kultur, Medien und Politik in Frankreich und Deutschland for ARTE Paris und Straßburg.
HUMATIC feat. Mieko Suzuki (DE/JP)
HUMATIC aka Christian Graupner studied graphic arts and has worked as a visual artist and recording artist since 1980 in Berlin. He has released several records and CDs, worked as a sound designer and music composer/producer for TV, film, theatre and radio plays, and is the founder of Club Automatique. In 2000, Graupner and Nils Peters formed the independent artist group and production company Humatic for the creation of innovative media concepts, projects and software tools. Graupner has been a guest lecturer at various German and Swiss universities and guest artist at the Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe. His work has been exhibited and performed worldwide.

mnm.humatic.net | www.humatic.de
Mieko Suzuki has been performing as a DJ and sound artist in Europe and Asia since 1998. She often crosses paths with the visual art and fashion world, both as a performer at shows and events and as a collaborator on sculpture and multimedia installations. She has played at Berlin’s premiere clubs, including Berghain, Tresor, and :// About Blank. Her DJ sets combine electroacoustic music with deep underground tracks inspired by Berlin’s minimal scene and by the city’s unique sprawling spatial character.

Interspecifics Collective (MX)
Interspecifics Collective is a multispecies group experimenting at the intersection between art, science, and technology. They embrace hybridized practices among different disciplines and living organisms, open knowledge, and precarity as challenges.

Jesse Osborne-Lanthier (CA/DE)
Jesse Osborne Lanthier is a Montreal-born, Berlin-based conceptual electronic musician and visual artist. He is focused on inciting alternative cognitive responses via mixed sonic material. His work, in its range from dub-influenced techno to static waves of noise, is always textural and resists references to simplified, predictable formats His most recent album, Otherwise Insignificant Psyche Debris, is comprised of 22 live recordings from over the last few years and was released as a cassette via labels Hobo Cult and MIND Records. Focused on the concept of dispositional emotional regulation, the body of work deals with acceptance, avoidance, problem solving, reappraisal, rumination, and suppression.

@ Bandcamp @ Facebook

Jozef Devillé (BE)
Jozef Devillé is a director and actor best known for the documentary film “The Sound of Belgium” (2012) and the short “Nighthawks” (2006).

http://jozefdevillé.net/ | @IMDB | @Vimeo
Le Petit Garçon (NO)
Christian Hillingsaeter aka Le Petit Garçon grew up in Horten, a small town south of Oslo. Now he lives in Tromsø, where he produces “isolated” ambient techno using shoegazey guitars, synths, and churning bass lines. He released his debut 12”, Traena, on Breaking Olympic Records in May of 2011, and the Lab.oratory 12” in late 2012.

@Resident Advisor @Soundcloud
Lief Hall (CA/DE)
Lief Hall is a multi­media artist and musician from Vancouver, Canada and currently living in Berlin. As one half of Canadian 'femme noir' pop duo MYTHS, Hall toured with Grimes in 2012 and composed an electronic opera. Her solo music has developed out of a practice in audio­visual performance art and experimental vocal composition. Hall's album Voices (2014) featured her work as an experimental vocalist, use looping and layering to evoke dreamlike sonic landscapes that explore harmony, dissonance, texture, tone and rhythm. Hall's most recent EP, Transform, marks a new direction in her solo work. Its dark electronic pop aesthetic merges the experimental dance music sensibility of MYTHS with layered vocal harmonies, exploring themes of love, identity, and fear in a post­human world.

liefhall.com | @ Soundcloud

Lorenzo Senni (IT)
Lorenzo Senni is a Milan-based composer and multidisciplinary artist. His releases deconstruct the sounds of trance and 1990’s hard techno rave culture. His third LP, Quantum Jelly, was released by Editions Mego and was received with unanimous acclaim. As founder and head of experimental music label Presto!?, Senni has released albums by a number of internationally acclaimed artists including Florian Hecker, Marcus Schmickler, Carl Michael Von Hausswolff, and Lawrence English. He has toured with and opened for Peter Rehberg & Stephen O’ Malley (KTL), Cut Hands, John Wiese, EVOL, Dave Phillips, and others. Senni also composes music for cinema. His soundtrack for the award-winning movie, Da Vinci, was screened at the 55th Venice Biennale. Senni studied Musicology at the University of Bologna.

@Soundcloud | @Presto Records | @Resident Advisor

Lotic (US/DE)
Raised in Houston, Texas and now operating out of Berlin, J’Kerian Morgan is a resident at the city’s famed Janus parties and in recent years has evolved into one of the most original voices of Berlin's club life. The 25-year-old released two EPs in 2013 - Sankofa / Glittering, and Fallout - both on Sci Fi & Fantasy, and has followed up with 2014's Damsel in Distress on Janus's own imprint. Having featured on Björk’s recent sit-in for Rinse FM alongside a flurry of press attention, the stereotype-baiting producer’s first official outing, 2015’s Heterocetera EP on Tri Angle, is undeniably worthy of the hype. His Berlin-via-Houston sound is an apocalyptic mix of haunting synth melodies, destructive beats, and skewed experimental electronica.

@ Bandcamp/ | @ Soundcloud

Low Jack (FR)
From his home in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, 28-year-old Philippe Hallais has made a name for himself internationally as Low Jack. Hallais’s “house music from hell” fuses sexy grooves with industrial metallicism and revels in its forays into and narrow escapes from tenacious, beatless wormholes. He has released his music on L.I.E.S., In Paradisum, Delsin, and The Trilogy Tapes. Never afraid to trust his instincts, Low Jack creates material that hits the sweet spot between rebellious experimentation and open-minded dancefloor generosity.

www.lowjack.eu | @Resident Advisor | @Soundcloud | @Bandcamp

Lumisokea (BE/IT)
The Belgian/Italian duo Lumisokea (Finnish for "snowblind") began experimenting together in 2008 when Koenraad Ecker and Andrea Taeggi were students at the Amsterdam music conservatory. Their greyscale, soporific music fuses acoustic instruments with analogue hardware, including reel-to-reel tape manipulations. Since their beginnings they've released two LPs, Automatons (2011) and Selva (2012) on the Dutch label Eat Concrete and an EP, Apophenia, on Opal Tapes (2013). 2014's Eavesdropping on Pianists, also released on Eat Concrete, was compiled from recordings they made using the early Russian noise instruments exhibited during CTM Festival's 2014 edition. Their live shows often incorporate the AntiVJ video artist Yannick Jacquet's experiments with fog and lasers. Lumisokea's next album will be released this year on Opal Tapes.

www.lumisokea.com | @Soundcloud | @Bandcamp

Martin Bricelj Baraga & Olaf Bender (SI/DE)
Martin Bricelj Baraga creates large-scale artworks in public spaces and unusual architectural contexts. He often uses light and sound as means for creating an atmosphere that challenges our perceptions. His works question symbols and myths as a series of time and space-based experiments. His installations, futuristic monuments and situations research the relationship between humans and machines, focusing on the social aspects of popular culture and the political dimensions of our mediated realities. In the past few years he has been increasingly working with sound, especially in his collaborative works with Olaf Bender (Neunundneunzig-99), Spatial (Dental Metal, 2015) and Andre Goncalves (Darkstar 2.0, 2012).


Olaf Bender is a musician interested in the physicality of sound. In 1996, he co-founded the Raster-noton label and art platform with Carsten Nicolai with whom he also collaborates with in the Diamond Version project and in the Signal trio with Frank Brentschneider. He is most known for his work under the Byetone moniker, through which he made a significant impact on the sound of modern electronic music. Bender creates his music digitally by assembling sine tones to complex sound fabrics, digital clicks, and effect plug-ins creating a distinct post-techno sound and audio-visual experiences on the border between club culture and sound art.

Olaf Bender @ raster-noton.net

Matthijs Munnik & Joris Strijbos (NL)
Matthijs Munnik is a media artist based in The Hague. Munnik’s projects involve the interaction between light and the senses and his installations are often inspired by scientifically relevant themes. In 2013, he won the first place International Prize For Emerging Artists In Digital Art organised by leCube in Paris. Born in 1989, Munnik studied in the ArtScience department of the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague until 2011. His breakout installation, Microscopic Opera, tracked the projected movements of C. elegans worms and triggered different sounds for their various movements to create an abstract playback “opera” of sound.

Interview at SHAPE website

Joris Strijbos, Munnik’s partner in the creation of U-AV, is a Rotterdam-based artist working in the fields of expanded (live) cinema, audio performance, and kinetic light installations. Strijbos started off as an experimental electronic musician and as such has run various record labels, released his own work internationally, and performed throughout Europe. He began expanding his live sets with analogue video equipment, and then turned to software design in the interest of creating complex audiovisual experiences.


Mørk (NO)
Trømso, Norway- based pianist and composer Mørk (Norwegian for “dark”) makes cinematic, mechanical, minimalist, noisy post-rock, telling gripping stories using his mechanical piano. Mørk hails originally from the Senja, an island in Norway’s northernmost reaches. His musical influences range from Esbjørn Svensson Trio, Nils Petter Molvær and Motorpsycho to Deep Purple, Kraftwerk and Americana.

www.morkmusic.com | @Soundcloud | @Bandcamp

Mr. Incognito
Mr. Incognito is one of Dresden's best known underground electronic musicians. With many records and digital releases he is also internationally known for a long time. His favorite musical styles have a spectrum between dirty Acid, deep Ambient, funny Chip Electronics with a strong danceable attitude as well as emotionally intense electronica. His gigs are nowadays rare, so don't miss the one at ICAS Festival 2015.

@ Phonocake | @ Soundcloud
N1L (Mãrtiņš Roķis, LV)
Riga-based artist Mãrtiņš Roķis has been experimenting with electronic music since the late 1990s. He works with sound and visuals in different contexts, forming and exploring the multimodality of human perception through installations, live performances, and works for multichannel systems. He has presented his artistic activities locally and internationally. As N1L, he explores electronic club music culture in the broadest sense of the term. Less concerned with formal or conceptual aspects in this project, Roķis prioritizes the production of pulsating textural sound (e)scapes shaped by both nostalgia and futuristic leanings.

www.martinsrokis.com | @Soundcloud | N1L @SC 2

Nathan Budzinski
& Theo Cook (CA/UK)
Nathan Budzinski is a writer, researcher, editor and artist specialising in the subjects of sound art, music, contemporary visual art, film, and television. He produces, commissions and edits multimedia content for online streaming and text for print and digital publication. His specific areas of interest are in how artists and art are represented and take part in electronic, tele-visual and audio culture. Budzinksi has worked since 2008 as an editor at The Wire and was a researcher at the British Film Institute from 2012 to 2013. He studied at the London College of Communications, Goldsmiths College, and the University of London.

@Twitter |
Theo Cook is a London-based artist and multimedia producer specialising in artist’s films. He studied fine art at London’s Central St Martins. He was director of photography for two series of the artist collective Auto Italia South East’s live artist television broadcasts as well as for the last special live performance and broadcast at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts. Cook regularly works on artist’s film and multimedia and has completed productions for Artissima Art Fair, Tate Modern, The Space, and both Nowness and Wallpaper magazines. In September 2014 he helped produce Kate Cooper’s installation at Berlin’s KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

www.theocook.com | @Twitter
Pasajera Oscura (AT)
Pasajera Oscura is a collaboration between two prominent names in the Vienna electronic music scene. Christina Nemec, aka Chra, whose upcoming LP Empty Airport will be released by Editions Mego, moulds sine waves into rhythmic impulses using both analogue and digital tools. The artist known as Irradiation, also Vienna-based, plunges thumping beats into sinister, rich atmospheres. Many of her live shows incorporate visual art and cooperations with other musicians. Pasajera Oscura combines Chra and Irradiation's individual strengths for a murky, nuanced ride.

@ Soundcloud

Piers Sanderson (UK)
Piers Sanderson is a documentary filmmaker and the director of “High on Hope.” He has produced and directed for BBC1, Channel 4, ITV1, and Italy’s Rai 5. “High on Hope” was a 10-year labour of love.

@IMDB | @Vimeo
Completely obsessed with analogue gear, big sounds, glitch and processing errors, Berlin-based Brazilian producer Guilherme Queiroga aka QRG makes dark and gritty techno and IDM. The project was born in NYC in 2011 while Queiroga was studing audio engineering. Full of earthy textures and ethereal mood, his latest EP, Pause One, uses a broken and detuned piano as a starting point. Inspired by old stone and marble structures, QRG deliberately “rushed”, “dragged”, and “didn’t re-record”. “What's broken is broken and was meant to be like that, things are not perfect and I made sure I am not trying to fool myself." Blending his own productions and unreleased material, QRG’S live will also include tracks of his own label, Low Kick High Punch.

qrgmusic.bandcamp | Album Pause One
Random Logic (SI)
Random Logic is Miha Klemenčič and Gregor Zemljič. The two have been active as a duo since the nineties and are regarded as pioneers of Slovene contemporary electronic music and ambient techno. Their debut album, Numrebs, was a stylistic cornerstone and helped to determine their signature mathematical theory- and algorithm-informed approach. It was given an award by Radio France in 2002 for Central and Eastern Europe’s best electronic music project. The duo was also lauded with the Boomerang Award for the best live techno act in Slovenia. Since the early 2000’s, Random Logic’s attention has turned to the production of music for theatre, performance art, and film. In 2014 they released π , their first album in over a decade. The album takes the shape of one continuous track and thereby addresses questions about duration and time.

www.randomlogic.si | @Soundcloud | @Facebook | @Vimeo

RSS B0ys is a shamanistic techno project combining analogue hardware with e-drums managed and performed (in veils) by two nameless Polish artists. Their latest release, NOOW, was delivered via cassette label Sangoplasm, and the one before that, W DONT BLV N HYP, via Mik Musik (“aint no label, aint no collective, just some expression, action, and freedom”). Ignited by a meeting in Benin, West Africa and inspired by the transformative potential of the drum circle, the project celebrates the archaic roots of techno through exploring tribal musical traditions at once intricate and gut-level, provocative and hypnotizing. 2015 anticipates a double album comprised of the constructive YNHOOMYN (a compendium of their studio work), and YMM00NY (drawn from live 4-track recordings).

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Shaddah Tuum (INT)
As Shaddah Tuum, Nicolas Lefort and Brandon Rosenbluth create gasping, charry techno hybrids with a clear blood lineage to the electronic-industrial dance resurgence led by labels like Blackest Ever Black, Downwards, Hospital, PAN, Subtext, and Opal Tapes. The pair employ avant-garde compositional techniques such as serial sequences, microtonal melodies, sample-based production, synthetic vocal manipulation, spring reverb, and feedback loops generated by sound sources like guitar, percussion, voice, and field recordings, which are then processed through a complex array of digital effects and generative modules. Shaddah Tuum debut 12" Merkabah (accompanied by remixes from Downwards affiliate Samuel Kerridge and Italian duo Dadub) was in 2014 via Portals Editions, a Berlin-based sound art collective.

Portals Edition

Sonic Robots (DE)
Moritz Simon Geist aka Sonic Robots has formal training in both classical music and robotics and an advanced expertise in 3-D printing. His projects range from electronic music performances to robotic sound installations. His word has been shown at numerous European festivals and exhibitions, including Ars Electronica 2014, CTM 2013, and Mapping Festival. He holds talks on the progression of robotics and society. In 2015, he was awarded the Artist-In-Residence stipend by the Free State of Saxony.


Stanislav Abrahám (CZ)
The Czech, Prague-based Stanislav Abrahám is an audiovisual installation artist and sound designer. His central interests in telecommunications, recording media, and the phenomenon of disembodied voice inspired his audiovisual studies at the Film and TV Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. As a sound designer he works in theatre and dance production and as a solo artist he creates radio art for the Czech Radio, sound installations in galleries, and conceptual sound pieces for public spaces.

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Teun Verkerk
& Joris Hoogeboom (NL)
Teun Verkerk, one of the creators of “Buqs”, has in his own words “always been intrigued by combining techniques from different fields and applying them for alternative purposes.” He was educated in both interaction design and architecture and looks for ways to implement the advancements of new media technology into the physical world. His recent projects, “Iedwork” and “Buqs”, both seek to create electronic objects that are not only responsive but also especially life-like.

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Joris Hoogeboom, the other brain behind “Buqs”, is most interested in investigating the hybridization of the physical and the virtual. He has been able to conduct this exploration intellectually through the creation of InDeSem, a student-organised international workshop, and practically through “Buqs” and “cloud 9”, an interactive inflatable landscape.

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Ulf Langheinrich (DE)
Ulf Langheinrich is best known as one half of media art collaboration Granular Synthesis (with Kurt Hent- schläger), as well as for solo works such as “Modell5”, “Noisegate”, and “Pol”. He has exhibited and performed at the ICA London; MAK Vienna; Museums of Contemporary Arts of in Lyon, Montreal, and Seoul; The Stedelijk Museum; ACMI Melbourne; as well as at the Austrian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2001, the Biennale Liverpool 2008, the Biennale Montreal 2012, among other. Langheinrich was a “featured artist” at Ars Electronica 2005, and recipient of a Siemens Grant. He was Guest Professor and Artist at several institutions including the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, FH Salzburg, RMIT in Melbourne, and the China University of Art in Hanzou. His audio/visual work is published on labels such as Asphodel and ZKM/Cantz.