Icasfestival 2015 art by VOJD
DAVE & ICAS pres. : Donnerst.org
2.5.2015 // 18:00 // Altes Wettbüro

German Language panel with: Bianca Ludewig (music journalist), Christina Nemec (musician), Antje Meichsner (free radio editor), Oliver Hartmann (musician & label head), Sebastian Drichelt (musician)

Followed by Shannon Soundquist DE Sound Art Live Set; conceptual DJing with Jukebox Utopia & Shannon Soundquist ; Ulrich Troyer DE (Songs For William Live Dub Set)
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Shannon Soundquist is the name for two different activities: a sound artist and a hip hop DJ (who prefers female MC'S). As a sound artist Shannon Soundquist transforms spoken word into abstract musical poems. Original phrases, often revolving around political and social themes, are decomposed and reconstructed, along with technoid instrumentation, to shape concrète-like infinite loops, coalescing into an almost meditative collage.

text: Stefanos Kourtis
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