Icasfestival 2015 art by VOJD
TANZ IN DEN MAI - Clubbing @ LAB 15
Thursday 30.04.2015 // 00:00 - 05:00

Room 1
00:00 12z HU
01:00 Sonic Robots – Mad Science, Bass & Robots! DE
02:00 N1L (Mãrtiņš Roķis) LV
03:00 Low Jack FR
04:00 RSS B0YS PL

Room 2 - Basement
00:00 QRG BR
01:00 Cooptrol UY
01:30 Borusiade RO
02:30 Jesse Osborne-Lanthier CA/DE
03:30 Shaddah Tuum INT

Tickets: 8 € : Buy at Eventbrite
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RSS B0ys is a shamanistic techno project combining analogue hardware with e-drums managed and performed (in veils) by two nameless Polish artists. Their latest release, NOOW, was delivered via cassette label Sangoplasm, and the one before that, W DONT BLV N HYP, via Mik Musik (“aint no label, aint no collective, just some expression, action, and freedom”). Ignited by a meeting in Benin, West Africa and inspired by the transformative potential of the drum circle, the project celebrates the archaic roots of techno through exploring tribal musical traditions at once intricate and gut-level, provocative and hypnotizing. 2015 anticipates a double album comprised of the constructive YNHOOMYN (a compendium of their studio work), and YMM00NY (drawn from live 4-track recordings).
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Supported by SHAPE - Sound Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe platform, which is made possible by funding from the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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