Icasfestival 2015 art by VOJD
Event / Date
WEDNESDAY 29.04.2015 //
DAVE-Cluster 8x8 Presentations & Performances
20:00 – 3:00 // Altes Wettbüro // 3€

Presentations by Nathan Budzinski CA (ECAS Documentary filmmaker), Martin Craciun UY (SOCO Festival), Oliver Baurhenn DE (CTM Festival), Neja Tomsic SI (MoTa), Gosia Plysa PL (Unsound), Leslie Garcia MX (Interspecifics Collective), Chico Dub BR (Novas Frequências), Susanna Niedermayr AT (musikprotokoll)

22:00 Cuthead DE LIVE
23:00 Mr. Incognito DE LIVE
24:00 Le Petit Garçon DJ set NO
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Mr. Incognito is one of Dresden's best known underground electronic musicians. With many records and digital releases he is also internationally known for a long time. His favorite musical styles have a spectrum between dirty Acid, deep Ambient, funny Chip Electronics with a strong danceable attitude as well as emotionally intense electronica. His gigs are nowadays rare, so don't miss the one at ICAS Festival 2015.
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