Icasfestival 2015 art by VOJD
Event / Date
WEDNESDAY 29.04.2015 //
DAVE-Cluster 8x8 Presentations & Performances
20:00 – 3:00 // Altes Wettbüro // 3€

Presentations by Nathan Budzinski CA (ECAS Documentary filmmaker), Martin Craciun UY (SOCO Festival), Oliver Baurhenn DE (CTM Festival), Neja Tomsic SI (MoTa), Gosia Plysa PL (Unsound), Leslie Garcia MX (Interspecifics Collective), Chico Dub BR (Novas Frequências), Susanna Niedermayr AT (musikprotokoll)

22:00 Cuthead DE LIVE
23:00 Mr. Incognito DE LIVE
24:00 Le Petit Garçon DJ set NO
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Cuthead’s trajectory as a DJ and producer has seen a progression in his identity from hip hop devotee to wonky, dubstep, techno, house, and IDM producer back to hip hop and house specialist. The Dresden resident was long associated with the crew Kunst:stoff Breakz, a collective of hip hop lovers known for their wild parties and altercations with local law enforcement. For a while following his participation in the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona in 2008, Cuthead's music distanced itself from hip hop and adopted a sleeker sound and faster beats. The download-only albums Murdoc and City Slicker reflected a penchant for everything from dub to techno to IDM, and the Uncanny Valley release Brother EP features a return to hip hop and a reaffirmed celebration of house. Almost all of Cuthead's records since then attest, more than anything else, to the producer's lasting love for these two genres.
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