Icasfestival 2015 art by VOJD
TANZ IN DEN MAI - Clubbing @ LAB 15
Thursday 30.04.2015 // 00:00 - 05:00

Room 1
00:00 12z HU
01:00 Sonic Robots – Mad Science, Bass & Robots! DE
02:00 N1L (Mãrtiņš Roķis) LV
03:00 Low Jack FR
04:00 RSS B0YS PL

Room 2 - Basement
00:00 QRG BR
01:00 Cooptrol UY
01:30 Borusiade RO
02:30 Jesse Osborne-Lanthier CA/DE
03:30 Shaddah Tuum INT

Tickets: 8 € : Buy at Eventbrite
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Hernan Gonzalez aka Cooptrol was born in Johannesburg in 1976 and lives in Montevideo, Uruguay. Cooptrol took form in 2000 and since has found its home in and between dub, post-industrial, IDM, techno, and dubstep. Gonzales is particularly well known in South America but since his European debut in 2007 has also made a name for himself abroad. His first album, Detractors, was released in 2004, followed by Ubiquity in 2005 and Avatar in 2007. 2010’s EP The End bridged bass music and abstraction, and 2011’s DANX synthesized all of the elements that had graced his music up until that point. Gonzales, a trained drummer, gives syncopation and polyrhythm particularly strong voices and combines this focus with an honoring of synth sounds.
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